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screen print

Mirabo press has a brand new vertical lift, one-arm screen press which can accommodate a screen size of up to 36 x 48 in. and an image area of 28 x 40 in. Our screens are capable of printing aquatint and halftone style imagery.


Facilities in the Screen Print area also include:

  • AWT Seri-Glide One Arm Screen Printing Press: Table Size (58 x 63 in.)  Print Area (35 x 45 in.) 

  • Two printing tables, each 40 x 50 in.

  • Large backlit washout sink with pressure washer: 41 x 84 x 30 in.

  • Squeegees from 4 in. - 28 in.

  • Drying rack: 48 x 31 in. (40 shelves)

Please send us a message to get a personalized quote.
* The parameters for pricing will be based on print size, number of layers, and the size of the edition, as well as the amount of pre-printing engineering and design work (digital and otherwise) that will be involved.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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