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Mirabo press uniquely features a brand new Vcella Front Load Kiln for enameling. It has workable interior measurements of 14 x 14 x 14 inches. The kiln is mainly used for 2D and 3D glass on copper works, but can also be used to strike etching plates after an edition is completed.


Facilities in the Kiln area also include:

  • Opaque and transparent enamels for copper, gold, and silver, as well as porcelain coated steel

  • Large and small kiln forks

  • Steel mesh and adjustable trivets

  • Sifters with various mesh counts

  • Alundum Stones

  • A-1 Klyr-Fire

  • Scalex

  • Velvet Etching Cream

  • Heat protective arm and handwear

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