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intaglio    relief    monoprinting

Mirabo Press has a brand new Takach Floor Model Etching Press that can accommodate a print size of up to 40 x 76 in. Also in the shop is a hand built etching press made of machine parts from World War II, which can accommodate a print size of up to 22 x 40 in. Both are ideal for printing copper etchings, wood or linoleum relief blocks, and many surfaces for monotype and collograph printing.


Facilities in the intaglio, monotype, and relief area also include:

  • 48 x 33 in. paper soaking sink

  • 42 x 33 in. plate rinsing sink

  • 48 x 48 in. and 36 x 24 in. horizontal ferric chloride acid baths

  • 18 x 24 in. vertical ferric chloride acid bath

  • 43 x 84, 24 x 48, and 30 x 48 in. sets of felts

  • Three  48 x 36 in. inking stations

  • Various relief and etching inks (primarily Graphic Chemical, Gamblin, and Charbonnel Aqua Wash Ink)

  • Various sizes of brayers

  • Large Takach rollers (6.76 in. diameter roller = 16.75 in. / 10.5 in. diameter roller = 24.75 in.)

  • Hard and soft grounds as well as other grounds

  • Drying rack:  68 x 45 in. (50 shelves) 

  • Guillotine cutter

Please send us a message to get a personalized quote.
* The parameters for pricing will be based on print size,
number of layers, and the size of the edition, as well as the amount of pre-printing engineering and design work (digital and otherwise) that will be involved.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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