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We are excited to introduce a new program committed to publishing broadsides created in collaboration with contemporary artists, writers, and thinkers. This tradition has a long history during which studios like ours have published broadsides by artists and intellectuals that address the social ideas and issues of their time.

Each broadside will be printed by hand in a limited edition and sold at an affordable price in keeping with our desire for wide circulation and inclusion. We believe that broadsides are a way to couple our desire to make lasting works of art with our social commitment to engage in the issues of our day when we can.

New Program!


Our inaugural cohort of broadside collaborators are visual artist Millie Chen and poets Tyrone Williams and Ten Thousand. As the broadsides are produced throughout the year, we will update this page with information about our collaborators and the prints we make with them.

No. 1: Tyrone Williams

Poet Tyrone Williams was born in Detroit, Michigan and earned his BA, MA, and PhD at Wayne State University. Williams is a co-editor of Inciting Poetics. He has published several books of poetry and prose including Pink Tie (2010), As Iz (2018), and washpark (with Pat Clifford, 2021). He has also worked on many chapbooks and collaborative projects. Williams is currently Professor and Chair of Poetry and Letters at SUNY Buffalo.


Year: 2023

Size: 18 x 14 inches

Medium: Two layer screenprint on Stonehenge paper

Edition Size: 30

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