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Mirabo Press is a printmaking studio founded by Bob Fleming, Rachel Shelton, and Mizin Shin. We offer limited edition printmaking by contract to individuals and galleries, working to expand the local art scene by collaborating with both regional and national artists. These collaborative opportunities allow for advancement of the medium and we are happy to work with artists both inexperienced and well versed in print media.  Equipped for intaglio, monotype, relief, and screen printing, Mirabo Press also provides educational and community programming. Workshops for small groups designed to give individual attention cover a range of processes, and local educational institutions are welcome to bring students to the studio to learn about this democratic and socially formative medium.





Whether you’re looking for a venue for corporate team building or club field trips, Mirabo Press is a great destination for a group outing. We have the ability to design an event around your group’s needs.


To list a couple examples, Mirabo can make an event of having your team screen print your logo on wearables like shirts and tote bags or host linoleum cut workshops in our etching/relief studio. Any booking is also welcome to peek at current gallery programming and a full tour of our studio, which utilizes a hybrid of traditional and contemporary printmaking machinery and techniques.


It of course goes without saying that light fare and libations can be arranged at time of booking.



Mirabo Press resides in a 6,700 square foot building and we can accommodate a fair few visitors, so pricing is dependent on group size and chosen activity.


We also offer a 10% discount on items from our retail section during a group visit.

For more information or to get a quote for your next outing, contact us at


Mirabo Press is committed to working with artists near and far in promoting printmaking as an art making process and developing alternative techniques as we go. Our unique and extensive facilities combined with the experience of the Mirabo printers create a great opportunity both for artists who are new to printmaking and those with experience to contract or collaborate on a variety of print-based processes.



The most direct way of working with Mirabo is contracting us to print an edition. There are myriad options available including but not limited to etching, relief printing, screen printing, processes combining digital prints and traditional techniques, and bookmaking. 


We work with artists locally as well as nationally and welcome anyone interested to inquire! We also partner with schools, galleries, and other institutions to commission a museum quality, hand pulled edition of prints for an event, as gifts, or for exhibition purposes.



Mirabo is deeply rooted in a collaborative practice, which is another option we offer clients. Along with the benefits of our contract printing service, collaboration based projects are geared toward artists who want to take advantage of the broad skill base the Mirabo printers have in determining the best way to translate their work to print-based media. We work closely with our clients to conceptualize the work and in exploring the best print methods to employ. Once we’ve settled on a process and create a proof (B.A.T.) acceptable to all parties, Mirabo takes the wheel and creates the edition.


While most of our output is based in limited editions of prints and books, we also make one-of-a-kind works with clients. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got an idea and aren’t sure how it fits within our practice.


The One-on-One program is intended to give individuals the chance to work directly and face-to-face with artists in a professional printmaking workshop on processes of personal interest to the individual. That can be anything from (A) an introduction to printmaking or a new process to (B) professional assistance in realizing a new creation; AND anything from one or two hours to a set of sessions over time. We want to help give artists the tools to make the best versions they can of the images they have in mind. 

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11 Botsford Pl
Buffalo, NY 14216

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