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Mirabo Press offers various community programming, including workshops, demonstrations, short courses, and field trips. We cater to the following groups:

  • Individual artists

  • High School & College classes

  • Small groups of adults 





Mirabo Press offers small group workshops built around printmaking and enameling techniques. In these workshops guests receive demonstrations and time to give the process a try, so we keep the size of the group small in order to provide the necessary attention to each participant. Our workshops cover the following processes: etching, painterly monotype, relief printing, hybrid approaches to print, and 2D enameling.


Each process requires a different set of materials/supplies and machine use, and thus each is priced to reflect those requirements. We try to keep the cost of each workshop at an affordable rate as we want to share these wonderful techniques with as many people as possible.




At Mirabo Press, we want to share both the processes and history of printmaking, and the role of the print shop in contemporary society with as many young people as possible. We welcome grades 9-12 and college classes to visit our shop and partake in either demonstration or participation based events.


Our facilities are equipped for many traditional and contemporary processes, and we can design a custom experience based on the course you are teaching. Whether it be a history or methods based class, we have the knowledge and equipment to provide an engaging visit. 


There is a common misconception that an educational focus on art is not the path to a sustaining career. We also offer our services to speak to your students frankly about a professional life in the arts, building an individual studio art career, and opening/owning an art business.



Mirabo Press resides in a 6,700 square foot building and we can accommodate a fair few visitors, so pricing is dependent on group size and chosen activity.


For more information or to get a quote for your next outing, contact us at




Mirabo Press is committed to working with our communities and promoting printmaking as an art making process. Our unique and extensive facilities combined with the experience of the Mirabo artists create a great opportunity both for individuals who are new to printmaking and those with experience who want to brush up on their skills or expand into new techniques. 


The One-on-One program is intended to give individuals the chance to work directly and face-to-face with artists in a professional printmaking workshop on processes of personal interest to the individual. That can be anything from (A) an introduction to printmaking or a new process to (B) professional assistance in realizing a new creation; AND anything from one or two hours to a set of sessions over time. We want to help give artists the tools to make the best versions they can of the images they have in mind. 


Each one-on-one engagement will be unique, so it is impossible to set a one price fits all price schedule. For purposes of estimating possible costs, the following guidelines should be helpful: 

  • A 2-hour session with one of our artists costs $110 Discounts are possible for longer, scheduled engagements, but you should estimate a cost of approximately $55 per hour, which includes direct engagement from a printer

  • Paper and various printing materials are available to purchase and the artist is welcome bring their own matrix material, or order from Mirabo. For instructional purposes, Mirabo will provide tools, ink, supplies and available scrap material (paper and matrices if available). 

  • If a One-on-One client decides to print more than proof prints, the ink and paper will be at the client’s cost and, for clarification, a facility fee may be charged.

Mirabo Press values engaging with the Western New York community and supporting artists' development in the printmaking and other processes in which Mirabo Press specializes.  As part of this commitment, we offer printmaking and enameling workshops and classes and, from time to time, demonstrations of specific printmaking techniques by our printers and by visiting artists. 

W H Y   M I R A B O ? 

For our workshops and classes, we keep our class sizes small to ensure individual attention, and provide most materials so that you can get started right away. In general, participants in our classes work in our studio at their own speed. Our printers give technical demonstrations and personal instruction as needed.

The instruction focuses on getting good results from the medium, not aesthetic criticism.

We do our best to accommodate all who are interested, including former and new participants.  If you are interested in hearing about current and future workshops and classes, please click on the link below to find out more and to sign up either for a workshop or class our email list.

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