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The Use Your Voice #StopAsianHate campaign started in response to rising hate crimes in many communities. There are two versions of the prints being made: (1) Blind embossed prints—these are being traded in exchange for donations to organizations supporting AAPI communities, and (2) Screenprints—produced for free public distribution to raise awareness. Screen-printed signs are being mailed to printshops, educational institutions, and other cultural organizations where they are being distributed locally.


We will donate 100% of the price you pay including the sales tax (which we are required by law to collect). Donations are being used to support organizations like: Stop Asian American Pacific Islander Hate, Advancing Justice Asian Law Caucus, Asian American Leadership Delegation, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Vancouver Chinatown Foundation  
If it is a major donation, please donate directly to the organization you would like to support and email to receive the print.


So far, the prints have been translated into Amharic, Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Tagalog, Tigrinya, Turkish, and Vietnamese languages, with aims to include additional languages in the near future. All prints are translated by volunteers. The context in each of the translations is in speaking out against racially-motivated prejudice and violence. All prints are translated by volunteers. 


  • Amharic: Hana Genana & Betty Nibret
  • Arabic: Najwa Mounir
  • Burmese: Wunna Kyaw & Zahar Swe
  • Chinese: Wu Ye
  • English: Mizin Shin
  • French: Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge
  • German: Colleen Buzzard
  • Hungarian: Csaba Kiss
  • Italian: Rebecca Szeto
  • Japanese: Hanae Utamura
  • Korean: Mizin Shin
  • Russian: Tanya Bakhmetyeva
  • Serbian: Malena Selic
  • Slovak: Tatiana Potts
  • Spanish: Federico Sanchez
  • Tagalog: Ann Antonio
  • Tigrinya: Sened Belay
  • Turkish: Beste Erener
  • Vietnamese: Antoinette Nguyen


* English, Spanish, and Chinese prints are available.

Printed by Mizin Shin (Co-founder of Mirabo Press)


Additional resources and materials have been supplied by Mizin Shin, Rachel Shelton, Bob Fleming, Heather Layton, and Department of Art & Art History at University of Rochester. 

Use Your Voice #Stop Asian Hate

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