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Maria Chang 

Mirabo Press: 11 Botsford Place, Buffalo, NY 14216

Gallery Hours by appointment: contact

Mirabo Press was thrilled to host a residency for Korean American artist Maria Chang from December 9th–20th, 2019.

Maria Chang grew up between the United States and South Korea, moving to Korea after high school to study fine art at Hongik University. Her work describes the breakdown and reconstruction of objects perceived through her own blurry vision—a result of losing focus in her right eye. Chang’s artwork has been shown across South Korea and in the United States. She is currently working as a Gana Atelier Resident Artist with Gana Art, one of the first major art galleries established in South Korea in 1983.


Maria Chang’s exhibition featured paintings, sculptures, and the prints made with the Mirabo Press team throughout her residency here. The opening reception was held on Thursday, December 19th from 5:30–9:00PM.